About this site:

I am very fond of the C++, C#, and Java programming language and object oriented programming. All of these languages use a concept called a constructor to initialize a new object. The domain name was available when I looked, so I bought it. It seemed like a nice domain name for an object oriented programmer / consultant to use and here it is...

Java Constructor offers:

  • experienced (over 30 years) fixed price or hourly contract programming in Java[TM], C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Fortran, PHP and many other languages

  • web application design with Java servlets or JSP using Apache or Tomcat

  • mySql, Postgres, Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Oracle database design services

  • Linux web server configuration and security

  • web site design

  • Complete web site hosting and email packages

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    For the ultimate Java reference see
    For REALLY safe, secure webhosting take a look at

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